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safety notes to build the truss and stage

How to make our staff more safety and make the event perfect, see as follow want NOTES:

1.When connect the truss,the screw must be tight.

2.When the truss up and down,people pls don't stand below.

3.Hoists must hang perpendicularly.

4.At the high place to operate,pls wear safe belt and helmets.

5.Before hoists connect with the cables,must disconnect the power supply first,when you disconnect must unplug the power.

6.When operating in the high-altitude, on the ground with the personnel should avoid the area of litter.

7.In the situation of fog and rain and snow and strong winds 6 grade, may not be operating on the truss. After Rain and snow operations, anti-skid measures must be taken.

8.Truss,materials and equipment to ride with, so as not to prevent not fall

9.Before the lifting of the truss,tools and debris on truss must be removed, to avoid drop wounding movements.

10.Stage installation, marked in accordance with the drawings to install, pay attention to the stage pole not upside down, and left and right points.

11.Installation stage, the order from the back to front, not to build it up from left and right sides together to the middle, should take to the direction of one side.

12.The stage can not hold against rotation of the nut, rotating nut concave upward.

13.Irregular side frame and irregular pole,we all mark the digital on it,pls found accordingly goods to build in accordance with the drawings indicated on the goods digital.

14.Screw should be tight when Build the stairs, advoing steps fall down and hurt your legs .

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