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Product name : OLA-H600 lifting tower
Item : OLA-H600
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 OLA-H600 lifting tower

Technical data:

Material: iron
Process: electroplating paint

Minimum height:2.m

Maximum height: 6m

Expand minimum department: 48*48cm

Expand maximum department: 120*120cm

Weight capacity:250kg

Size: 220*48*48cm

Weight: 70kg

Our advantage: 
1.it's the second series of lifting tower, this one is more cheap than OLA-H750, and loading 250kgs, we according to different require, design two types of lifting tower , more selective for you.
2. its the same span for OLA-H750 and OLA-600. I could be as pillar, faster than intall the truss, also could use for line array.
3.all the commodity, we will add more than 1% the necessary tools and accessories.
4. all the goods will be test build before shipping, and all has the whole set drawing .
5. if there are any questions when you receive the goods, kindly talk with us directly and send us the pictures and details info, we will solve it within 48 hours and give the better solution , such as make the goods and shipping again, all the cost paid by us, reduce or return money etc.


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